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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why You Should Consider Homeschool for an Autism Spectrum Child

More and more, parents of Autistic children have begun to consider home schooling their children. As the parent of an Autism Spectrum child, this is the choice I made. At first, it does seem to be an overwhelming thought. Yet many parents have achieved a quality education for their special needs child at home. Here are some of the benefits to home schooling a special needs child.
Language Concentration
Most day schools do not offer intense language concentration. Yet, this is exactly what Autism Spectrum children need so badly. In day school, a student is considered lucky to have Speech Therapy two or three times weekly. This is not adequate to sufficiently address the language problems that most children with Autism have. When home schooled, a special needs child can receive extensive help in this important area.
Behavior Concentration
Many times, children with Autism have behavioral challenges. This is mainly due to difficulty with communication and social problems. Teachers in day school settings simply do not have the time or resources to properly handle this. At home, behavior can be treated more consistently.
Sensory Work
The sensory processing needs of children with Autism are often great. This is an area of study that wasn't even known about until fairly recently. Work with an occupational therapist is often quite effective, yet there isn't much time for it in a regular day school schedule. At home kids have a chance to get more attention to sensory needs.
Extensive Tutoring
Children with Autism are often quite behind on their school work. All the above challenges simply make learning difficult in many cases. Autism Spectrum children are far more able to concentrate on their studies when they learn in a quiet home environment. They have the opportunity to work with tutors on any subject they are behind in.
These are some of the great benefits to be gained from home schooling an Autism Spectrum child. Home schooling gives the child an opportunity to have a concentrated, language- oriented curriculum. Likewise, any behavior problems can be addressed thoroughly. The child will have an opportunity for sensory work and extensive tutoring time. Intense study in these areas can result in a better education than a child can get in a day school in many cases.

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