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Monday, July 14, 2014

Which Curriculum is Best to Homeschool an Autism Spectrum Child?

Once a family has made the decision to home school an Autism Spectrum child, they must select a curriculum. This leads naturally to the question of which type of teaching is best for children with Autism. Each child is different so there is no one correct answer. The following are some of the options:
Catherine Maurice Program 
There is a book titled Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism. This book is a great place to start. It includes both a curriculum and a teaching method. Some children have "recovered" from using this program but of course there are no guarantees. It is worth exploring to see if this program or some elements of it are right for your Autism Spectrum homeschool.
Speech Language Curriculum 
Speech Language Pathologists have many different companies from which they purchase their materials. Many of these materials are very useful for homeschools of Autism Spectrum children. This is because the materials are speech and literacy based which are important domains for Autism Spectrum children to master. Just obtain the speech language catalogs and look through to see which cards or books would be appealing.
Adapted Regular Education Curriculum 
It is usually possible to go to the local public school and ask what series of books the district uses. Then, simply obtain the books and adapt the curriculum by teaching it in a one-to-one setting. You may also wish to teach it more slowly if necessary. Do not feel compelled to teach it a whole chapter at a time- just go little by little.
Integrated All of the Above 
The best Autism Spectrum homeschools are both laser-focused and well-rounded. This may seem like a contradiction on the one hand and impossible on the other. It is difficult because with Autism Spectrum Disorder there are so many areas that require remediation and all at the same time. Certainly communication is a vital domain as are literacy and academics. Behavior and social skills are the other two crucial areas. Do not forget to address sensory processing needs as well. One option is to use all of the above curricula.
It is not easy to select the proper curriculum for an Autism Spectrum homeschool. Some form of behavioral learning approach is recommended. Speech language professionals also have access to useful materials. Some parents have modified the public school curriculum. Finally, a possibility is to do an inclusive model that uses all of the above materials. 

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