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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Where Can You Get Materials for Your Autism Spectrum Home School?

There is a growing trend for parents of Autism Spectrum children to take their children out of school and home school them. Still others choose to have their child attend school and be home schooled to catch up in their after-school hours. Either way, it is necessary to get quality materials to work with in order to teach children with Autism. Here are some suggestions.
Online Catalogs 
The beauty of online catalogs is wide selection. There is a vast array of educational and speech language products. Also, it is possible to read product reviews which allow parents to make informed choices. One negative is the necessity of paying shipping fees which raises the overall cost of purchasing materials.
Specialty Education Stores 
In the past few years, many specialty education stores have sprung up. Usually located in major cities, these stores are often frequented by teachers who obtain materials there throughout the school year. Parents homeschooling Autism Spectrum students can certainly also shop at these stores. The materials at these stores tend to be diverse, colorful and engaging.
Book Conventions 
Home school curriculum companies often offer book conventions throughout the year. Parents of Autism Spectrum children can go to the convention and look at these materials. The obvious advantage of doing this is the ability to look at the materials in person and judge whether the books are appropriate for the child. There are usually sales representatives available to take orders on the spot at these book conventions.
Make Them Yourself 
Some parents who are experiencing financial restraints opt to make materials themselves. This is not difficult with the help of the public library. It may seem an overwhelming task but many parents have done it. The downside of this is the time investment necessary. The upside is the material cost being far less or nearly free.
These are some good places to obtain materials for home school children with Autism. Online catalogs abound and they list materials and price. Specialty education stores sell quality educational materials. Book conventions offer home school texts. Finally, creative parents can make their own materials for their Autism Spectrum home school. 

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