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Thursday, July 10, 2014

What Qualities Do You Want in an Autism Spectrum Therapist?

It takes a special kind of person to be an Autism Spectrum therapist. Parents know this, yet it is nerve-wracking to know that in many ways the child's fate is in the therapist's hands. It is necessary to select Autism Spectrum therapists wisely and well. Here are some qualities that are desirable in an Autism Spectrum therapist.
Anyone who works with children should have patience. This is true of typically-developing children and even more so of children with Autism. The therapist must be able to patiently teach the child no matter how long it takes. Everyone wants to have a patient teacher and children with Autism are no exception.
Most children with Autism see many therapists and teachers in a day. When even one of these people is late, it sets everyone back. Also, many children with Autism have an internal sense of time and it annoys them when their teachers are late or for that matter too early. Therefore, it is a strict requirement that teachers and therapists must be on time.
It is so bothersome and disruptive in a therapeutic program when therapists or teachers start and then stop. Unfortunately, this happens commonly. It is probably because many of the people working as therapists are students and their schedules change. That is why longevity is an outstanding quality for any therapist or aide to have. Staying with the child a long time gives the therapist an opportunity to make more progress with the child.
Self Starter 
Being a therapist or teacher for an Autism Spectrum child is the ultimate self starter job. Many times parents work outside the home in their own jobs. The last thing they want to do is hawk over the therapists all day when they have their own jobs to worry about. So, therapists must be motivated self starters.
The above are some suggestions for qualities to look for in potential Autism Spectrum therapists. Patience is a must. It will be difficult for the Autism Spectrum child to stick to his or her schedule without therapist punctuality. Longevity is a great quality in an Autism Spectrum therapist because the children get attached to their therapists. Finally, a therapist that is a self starter is perfect because most parents don't have the time to sit in the therapy room all day. 

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