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Friday, July 11, 2014

Software Programs for Children With Autism

Some children with autism really like and respond well to technology. Fortunately there are good software programs for children with autism. These programs produce wonderful benefits in children with autism in the area of developing language and skills for school. Excellent software programs for children with autism can be an important step for an overall therapeutic approach. Following are some examples of software programs for children with autism:
The first software series of interest is called Earobics Home. Earobics Home is very important for auditory development. It can also be beneficial for speech and reading and spelling. There are also some software programs for vocabulary. One is called My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary. Another is the Great Action Adventure. Other recommended software for vacabulary is the Visual Foods Photo Collection and the Picture This series.
Some software programs for school include School Routines and Rules. There is also Functional Living Skills and Behavioral Rules. There are special software programs just for beginning writing. There is also Transitional Fonts for Beginning Writing. Also, there is a software program to help with reading. It is called Read On. It helps children be successful with reading without too much need for teacher input. There is also a program for one- handed typing called Five Finger Typist 2.1. It teaches a skill that is practical and can be used throughout the child's lifetime.
As far as software to improve language, there is Writing With Symbols 2000. It helps parents and teachers to adapt written materials with symbols. Also, Communicate in Print 2. This would be a great program for making books, newsletters or visuals. Another great program is Communicate By Choice. This has multiple choice and question and answer activities. There is also an amazing software program Communicate Webwide that allows people to view webpages in symbols to make web content less complex.
Finally, there are some fun programs for music and art. Music Factory allows children to make their own original compositions. Revelation Natural Art stimulates creativity in children and allows relaxing recreation. By using the above software programs for children with autism, there will be an opportunity for promising gains. Children all respond differently as they are individuals, but software programs for children with autism can produce encouraging results.
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