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Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Hire Therapists for Autism Spectrum Homeschool

Many Autism Spectrum children are home schooled fully or at least for part of the day. Increasingly, parents are having to pay for the cost of this which represents a significant expense. This leads to the hiring of paraprofessionals to work in the home and training them to make the expense less. Here are some ways to get started to obtain candidates to be para- professionals or therapists for an Autism Spectrum home school.
Place an Ad at Universities 
One of the first actions to take is to place an advertisement for the position at a local university. There is normally no cost for this as the university encourages students to get practical life experience. Sometimes there is an office of student employment and it is possible to go directly in and talk to staff. Tell them about the Autism Spectrum home school that will be set up and how they can help.
Ask for Recommendations 
When looking for good candidates to train for an Autism Spectrum home school, it is surprising how many good people are around you already. Your place of worship is a good place to start. There are many members there who would like to help a child. Also, babysitters can easily be trained in therapeutic techniques as well.
Psychology Majors 
Many Autism Spectrum home schools have used Psychology students. This is because Psychology students are often interested in working with and specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Much of the research that is helpful with Autism Spectrum Disorder originates in the field of Psychology. Go directly over to the Psychology Department and post flyers is allowable.
Medical Profession Students 
There are certain specializations within the medical field that are very useful with Autism Spectrum. One of these is Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapy knowledge can be very useful for Autism Spectrum students as OT focuses upon practical life skills. Another medical professional that is useful for Autism Spectrum home schools is Speech Language Pathology. This is because children with Autism have speech language difficulties. It would be ideal to recruit college students from these diverse fields.
The above details how to find therapists to hire for Autism Spectrum home schools. Place an advertisement on university campuses. Ask for recommendations from kind people you know. Consider using Psychology majors as well as students from other medical specializations.

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