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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Easy Work at Home Jobs for Moms of Children With Autism

Taking care of children with autism is a very absorbing situation that often makes it difficult for moms to work outside the home. Some families are in need of work at home jobs for moms of children with autism. If children have in- home therapy programs ongoing, then the need for work at home jobs for moms of children with autism is even greater. How can parents work outside the home full time and still conduct intensive home- based therapeutic programs? The following information for work at home jobs for moms of children with autism can provide at least some income for mothers and families.
1. WAHM- www.wahm.com This is an online magazine for work at home moms. On the left there is a listing titled "Work at Home Jobs." They have a searchable work at home job bank. They also have an excellent forum for moms covering all sorts of topics of interest to work at home moms.
2. iFreelance- www.ifreelance.com On this one, over to the right it states "Need Freelance Jobs?" and there are many freelance jobs listed. You are able to post your profile on this site for employers to contact you. Under "provide services" click "Find Projects" and then you can break the search down by your job category of interest.
3. Direct Sales Moms- www.directsalesmoms.com If you are interested in sales, or if you think you could begin selling something, this is an excellent place to start. Direct sales moms is dedicated to support you in a direct sales career with a flexible lifestyle. There are many featured businesses, like candle sales, book sales and sales of wine or makeup. Check them out.
4. Elance- www.elance.com To start, click on "Provide Services." You must sign up under "Become a Provider." Then they have a number of opportunities from writing to sales, finance and legal. It also depends upon what your background and interest is.
5. Internet Based Moms- www.internetbasedmoms.com This is a great place to network and find support for yourself in home jobs. This website has a great deal of information on it. It explains ezines, newsletters, blogging, direct sales, how to build a website and more. If you click "Work From Home," they have good message boards too.
6. Sologig- www.sologig.com Here you can register and search based upon your location and category of job interest.
7. Get a Freelancer- www.getafreelancer.com This website has jobs mostly in programming, web design and copywriting.
8. Flipdog- www.flipdog.com This is a searchable database where you just type in the kind of home based job you want and the location where you live.
9. MyMommybiz- www.mymommybiz.com My mommy biz is full of resources. It contains business ideas, home party plans,loans, telecommuting, mystery shopping, paid surveys and more.
10. Walletboosters- www.walletboosters.com Walletboosters has hundreds of extra income opportunities. The categories include data entry, merchandising, mystery shopping, telecommuting and transcription. There are also sections entitled "get paid to write" and "get paid to take photos." I love walletboosters because of the sheer variety of truly great opportunities. There is something for everyone.
11. Freelance Mom- www.freelancemom.com This is a free resource. When I clicked, "Work From Home Jobs," there were many categories to choose from. The listings include programmer, translation, writing and editing, administrative and customer support, bookkeeping and accounting.
Taking care of children with autism and somehow making a living at the same time is more easily said than done. The above resources could be a starting point to provide assistance to work at home jobs for moms of children with autism.


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