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Sunday, July 6, 2014

There are many options to help your Autism Spectrum child improve over summer vacation. Summer is a great time to relax and children with Autism should be kept engaged. It is important to use the time wisely while still allowing the child a break from school. Here are some of the things I did with my Autism Spectrum child over the years.
Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral therapy, sometimes called ABA therapy, has little to do with behavior as in "good" or "bad" behavior. ABA stands for applied behavioral analysis and it involved using learning theory to get people to learn new skills. ABA therapy is normally done in a one-to-one setting and it can be quite useful for children with Autism. There are therapists who can come and do it in your home setting.
Occupational Therapy
I have found that children with Autism really like Occupational Therapy. There are some Occupational Therapists who specialize in Sensory Integration. These are the best therapists for Autism Spectrum children because the sensory processing is usually distorted with Autism. The kids really like this therapy as it involves swings and chew toys and balls to squeeze.
Summer is a great time to take swimming lessons. Children with Autism definitely need to learn how to swim. In fact, all children need to learn to swim for safety reasons. Also, swimming is one of the best if not the best type of exercise for anyone with Neurological problems. Likewise, the pressure of the water is very relaxing for children with Autism.
Social Community Opportunities
Do not forget that Autism Spectrum children like to get out of the house too. They need opportunities for community and social interaction. For us, this involved the public library for many years. At first, my son used to run behind the librarian's counter and created a bit of chaos back there. He did not understand the clear demarcation lines of where the staff stands and where the other people stand. I used to have to run behind there and fetch him out time and again. This created a bit of a challenge but eventually he got used to it.
These are some ideas for getting your Autism Spectrum child to improve over summer vacation. They should be kept busy and engaged for maximum results. ABA therapy can help them improve cognitive skills. Occupational therapy can help them be more comfortable in their bodies and swimming is a needed survival skill. Finally, some community opportunities can be very enriching, such as getting in a little library time.

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