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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Autism Spectrum- How to Improve the Full Inclusion Aide

Some children with Autism are mainstreamed into regular classrooms with an aide. This is often quite effective yet the parents wonder what is going on at school since they are not there to see. This is where good communication with the Autism Spectrum aide is essential. Here are some strategies to improve the performance of and communication with the full inclusion Autism Spectrum aide.
Daily Written Log 
A very useful tool for helping the full inclusion aide help the Autism Spectrum child is the daily written log. This log is a written account of how the child did in each period or class and it is filled out by the aide and sent to the parent. This can help parents to be quickly aware of any problems as they come up. The parent will also know which classes the child is doing particularly well in. The child should not see the log- remember, some children with Autism can read. The log is for the parent's eyes alone.
Phone Conferences 
It is a good idea to regularly schedule phone conferences between the parent and the full inclusion aide. These do not need to be long and they can just highlight any questions that have come up from the daily written log. The purpose is to be sure that behavior is fine and academics are going along as well. Parents can prepare questions before the weekly call in order to have them ready and be efficient.
Communication With Other Parents 
It can be quite helpful if the parent of an Autism Spectrum child can be friends with other parents in the class. Many times other parents make observations that are useful or can shed some light on classroom situations. Of course, other parents can't solve your child's challenges but sometimes the other parent can comment on what they have seen or heard going on in the classroom. Naturally, it is good social progress if the Autism Spectrum child and the typically developing child can be friends as well.
Teacher Parent Communication 
Any good school already has well established teacher parent communication. Normally, the teachers send out weekly notes and have regularly scheduled parent teacher conferences. This is true in most schools. Follow the teacher's lead- he or she may have extra phone conferences with parents of special needs children.
These are some strategies to improve communication with a full inclusion aide of an Autism Spectrum child. There should be a daily written log between the aide and the Autism Spectrum parent. The aide and parents should have regularly scheduled phone conferences. It is helpful for the parents of an Autism Spectrum child to make friends with the other parents in the classroom. Finally, follow the teacher's lead and participate in all teacher parent communication opportunities. 

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